• +R3


    The evolution of environmental information that reveals how your City is changing!

  • +R3 reveals how to change the City!

    Thanks to the use of Augmented Reality,
    + R3 amplifies the perception of urban transformations and their environmental effects,
    helping to improve resilience.

  • The evolution of the Environmental Information

    Environmental Information and +R3: from the paradox to the reversal of a paradigm!

    The right to Environmental Information

    From PA to Citizens

    In the today's normative panorama, the environmental information represents a DUTY for PA and a RIGHT for Citizens

    The paradox of the Environmental Information

    Finding Environmetal Information!

    The environmental information is held by the PA - that is kept to divulge it - but, today, the Citizen needs to search for it.
    The environmental information often reaches the Citizen in indirect and distorted way

    The reversal of a paradigm

    The Environmental Information directly delivered to the Citizens

    Thanks to +R3, the Citizen directly receives from the PA the environmental Information in that moment he is potentially exposed to the environmental effects of plans/projects/programs.

  • At the service of Public Administration and Citizens

    Public Administration

    Goal: transparency!

    Sharing environmental information in its possession by means of +R3, the PA will give full effect to the provisions concerning transparency, citizen participation in environmental assessment and helps to inform Citizens.
    Greater involvement, better information, greater control of territorial transformations, minor conflicts!


    Present and future at first glance!

    Thanks to +R3, environmental information held by the PA, which comes directly to citizens, enables them to perceive the presence of projects/plans/programs and its adverse environmental effects before they are actually implemented!
    Greater perception, heightened awareness, increased control of territorial transformations.

  • Benefits and Advantages for PA

    Thanks to the PA, now you can:

    • Increase the effectiveness of environmental information.

    +R3 will help the PA to communicate, in an efficient way, the effects of environmental effects o​f projects/plans/programs, delivering the environmental information directly to the Citizens.

    • Promote the development of an environmental culture in citizenship.

    The PA offers to the Cizitens a tool to access and examine easily the informations and the environmental regulations, contributing spreading an environmental culture.

    • Assess the environmental effects of territorial transformations in an integrated manner.

    Handing every environmental information in one only database, lets the PA carry out ​integrated and overall assessments of the impacts related to the transformations happening in the whole territory.

    • Improve the quality of design/planning

    +R3 will favour a timely, informed and pertinent share from the Citizens, contributing to the improvement of the quality of projects/plans/programs.

    • Exercise a "social control" on the persons in charge of environmental impacts.

    A wide and conscious involvment of the exposed population ​will favor a better social control on the persons in charge of environmental impacts, discouraging incorrect behaviours and motivating, in a marketing and show-bussiness way, the use of best-practices in an environmental field.

    • Promote inclusive and resilient development and reduce the risk (or the cost) of conflicts

    Thanks to +R3, PA will dispose of a decision support system (DSS), helpful for making the more weighted and aware choices.

    PA will directly communicate with the citizens, improving feedbacks and encouraging an inclusive and resilient development.

    Thanks to +R3, PA can reduce the risk (or the cost) of conflicts due to the realization of projects/plans/programs

    • Improve the image of PA

    The spreading of the environmental information with +R3 symbolizes a clear example of administrative transparency, able to return and diffuse a positive image of PA in the national and international scene, expendable in terms of territorial promotion in the field of turism, economic development and in the modial scene dedicated to the best-practices of the institutional and public administration organs.

  • The Benefits and Advantages for the citizen

    Thanks to +R3, the Citizen can:

    • Receive information from PA (without going to try!)


      The use of +R3 will bring to THE REVERSAL OF A PARADIGM:

      • today, the interested and aware citizen needs to look for the environmental information held by PA.
      • tomorrow, thanks to +R3, the environmental information reaches directly the interested citized (even if unaware), as he is exposed to the potential negative environmental effects of a project/plan/program.

      • Perceiving urban transformations before they happen

      Thanks​ to +R3, Citizen will know the urban transformations and perceive its environmental effects before they come true.

      • Learn about the process and participate in administrative procedures

      The Ciziten receives quickly, besides the technical information concerning the project/plan/program and its environmental impact, also the informations concerning the currect administrative iter, finalized to its approval (start of the proceedings, start of the public consultation, terms and conditions for the submission of comments, competent authorities, ...) and he can partecipate efficiently to the course.

      • Perceive in an integrated and comprehensive environmental effects of urban transformations.

      With +R3, receiving the​ report of every ambiental effect that affect the user, Citizens will have a comprehensive perception of urban trasformations.

    • 1, 2, 3. With + R3 information reaches the Citizen!

      The implementation of +R3 requires 3 steps:

      1. The PA achieves its catalog of environmental information (CIA)

      The PA carries out its own Catalogue of Environmental Information (CIA), in which will converge all the information related to the projects/plans/programs of competence, with the relative environmental impacts.
      The PA at all levels can share their own CIA, giving life to the Single Platform of CIA (P-CIA).

      2. The Service Manager +R3 implements the CIA

      Every time the PA receive a project/plan/program subject to VIA/VAS procedure, the service provider +R3 implements the CIA with the relevant informations ​about this p/p/p and its environmental impacts, making them available in Augmented Reality for every citizen.


      3. A citizen receives environmental information through the App "+R3"

      Using the App "+R3", the Citizen receives the relevant informations every times its positions is interested by the presence of environmental effects due to project/plans/programs being approved.

      Thanks to +R3, the Citizen will never be in the dark anymore!

    • Download the app

      Soon available on AppStore and GooglePlay!

    • Awards

      The project + R3 has received the following awards in the national, international and world scene

      ISPRA - progetto GELSO

      + R3 was included in "GELSO", the project by ISPRA aimed to best practice on environmental sustanaibility


      Go to the website of the event:


      Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2016

      + R3 was selected for the 2016 Global Summit of Hello Tomorrow, to be held in Paris on 13th and October 14th, 2016.


      Go to the website of the event:


      ICLEI Resilient Cities 2016 – 7th Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation


      + ICLEI Resilient Cities 2016 was presented at R3, 7th Global Forum on Urban Resiliency and adaptation, held in Bonn from 6 to July 8, 2016.


      Go to the website of the event:


      FORUM PA Challenge 2016


      + R3 was honored among the 12 most innovative start-up for the PA during the Forum PA Challenge conslusiva 2016, the event organized by PA Forum to identify innovative start-ups in the field of Public Administration, held in Rome on May 26, 2016.


      Go to the website of the event:


    • Partner


      The Municipal Administration of Monopoli is contribuiting to the development of +R3, implementing, exsperimentally​, the first application of the project.

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